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100 years have passed since mankind revolted and slew the Sorcerer Kings. Now, the survivors of five ancient empires begin to rebuild, placing new lives and hopes on the ashes of old. However, even as life continues an ancient and forgotten evil stirs awaiting its moment to strike against mankind. Explore a war-torn land where the struggle for survival continues as new kingdoms arise to impose their will upon the masses. Vicious warlords fight to control territories carved out of the Fallen Empires. Imposing magicians emerge claiming the legacy of the Sorcerer Kings. High Priests of long forgotten gods and goddesses amass wealth in the name of divine right while warrior-monks, devoted to a banished god, patrol the lands bringing justice to people abandoned by their rulers. Tales of the Fallen Empire is a classic Swords and Sorcery setting compatible with the Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game.