Please enjoy some free goodies to enhance your games.

Top Secret: NWO Character Sheet
The official PDF form fillable character sheet for Top Secret: NWO.

Top Secret: First Briefing
These quick-start rules are being prepared for release as a box set, with a one-page rule sheet, asset cards, introductory quick missions, and game mats. While the box set is in development, you can download the quick start “First Briefing” rules as a free PDF.

Administrators Screen
The box set includes a heavy three-panel game masters screen with the most common rules and references you’ll need as the Administrator.

Dice Mats
These dice mats are an optional player aid to help you keep track of the dice you’ll need to roll for tradecraft tasks and combat in-game.

Vehicle Cards
Use these cards to keep track of your vehicle’s stats and speed. Nine cards are included in the box, for various types of cars, trucks, and motorcycles.

One Page Mission 01 – Abduction
By: Jay Parker
The target is valuable to ICON. We must get them to our side quickly and without drawing too much attention.