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Boombox is a roleplaying game about musical tribes.
You’ll go from being a new kid finding your place to a legend in the scene. Choose your tribe – punk, hip hop, New Romantic, goth, Two-Tone, metalhead, or anything else. Create your character using style, moves, charm, smarts, and stuff. And of course, music . Boombox is a roleplaying game, but there’s no game master—everyone gets to play a character.

At the beginning of the game, you create your character with their own special style. Then everyone together builds the game map — the neighborhood, town, or city where your story will unfold. You’ll seek out the one big thing that your character yearns for, whether it’s starting a band, finding true love, the ultimate wildstyle, opening a shop, finally getting out of this town… whatever you imagine.

The game is played with simple and fast rules, using your attributes to meet challenges your fellow players create. You’ll gain and lose scene points along the way, developing all the aspects of your character, even filling up your own unique mix tape .

Live out your teenage daydream and rise to the top of your scene with Boombox, the RPG.